IMs w/ Papadukes

JEWISH WIN!--this is enchanting.
(Thanks to Liza for the submission!)

Dad: Wait. You want THAI TAKE OUT for Shabbos dinner?

me: sigh. yes.

Dad: don't you want a nice Shabbos meal at home?

me: sure. a nice thai shabbos meal at home.

Dad: tsmah is fine with me!

me: is that thai in hebrew?

Dad: thai shabbos meal at home. I thought you knew text-speak!

me: hahaha oh, no im not as hip as you apparently. although, funny story- i referred to you today as 'papadukes' to my boss. he totally didn't get it

Dad: ok, so now you can explain it to me!

me: papadukes? youre papadukes and mom is mamadukes. he thought that meant your name was duke

Dad: "I believe it refers to your parents as in, "my old man, I wouldn't mess with him". Like, don't mess with ol' papa dukes. " From the Urban Dictionary. Is that it?

me: hahaa without the badass connotations, sure

Dad: well get this -- Grandma reported tonight that your cousin Maris discovered that Grandpa's Hebrew name is not MordHersh, as he always believed, but ... MordDukes! For real!


Dad: Jewish win!