Early MOM Halloween(ie) Packages

Every year for Halloween, Valentine's Day, Hannukah, and even St. Patrick's Day, my mom sends me little packages with holiday goodies. Usually included in the package are festive pens, apparel, a card, and socks with animals on them. Since the gifts are usually only suitable for a day or at most a week in a year, it's often one of those "what do I do with this?/I don't want to throw it away because this is sweet, although it is sort of useless to have a pen with orange pom poms and a bat on it, kind of thing." And sometimes it's something you'd wear for fun. Either way, these little mom gifts are always entertaining.

This is a great find on Melissa's mom's part. A glow-in-the-dark Halloween t-shirt is pretty badass.

From her mother:

I love Halloween and the fact that it said Happy Halloweenie, well that sold me!

Feel free to submit mom packages--pictures, contents, notes, etc!