Mother/Daughter Chat Syllabus

From: Mom
To: Me

my little munchkin, when are we going to have a lovely mother/daughter chat?  after seeing grandma tonight, i'm having dinner with ellen so could we have a lovely mother/daughter chat tomorrow?

topics to be covered:

the importance of condoms
the importance of sobriety
the importance of voting
the importance of taking a shower
the importance of not dressing like a slut
the importance of sharing your private life with your mother

Lean Cuisines

From: Mom
To: Family

Subject: don't eat lean cuisine's spaghetti and meatball dinner

for those of you who still eat lean cuisine, their spaghetti and meatball dinner has been recalled.


From: Dad
To: SJ
Subject:  ADP shows 217,000 private-sector jobs added in Feb.

Good time to hit the market...things are picking up.

From: SJ
To: Dad

Thanks DAD. WORK IS ON THE WAY!!! although I just got my first response back from an employer.  They are from Africa and want me to give them my social security and $150 for a credit report before they interview me :/

From: Dad
To: SJ 

I like your can do attitude!!!!!!!