About a Change Purse

From: Mom
To: Kids
Subject: about a change purse

did any of you see my change purse?  it was a little orange-ish purse that i kept my quarters in.  i wonder if one of you innocently took it to get some quarters and then forgot to return it?  pls let me know if you've seen it in your travels.  

From: Mom
To: Kids


From: Mom
To: Kids
Subject: follow up

just thought you'd all want to know i found my little orange change purse.
thank you all for the endless concern and support, as well as for your tireless effort in your all-out search for my little orange purse.  
we will all sleep well tonight.


The Hideous Ceramic Cat

From: Mom
To: Fam

who brought in the tall and hideous ceramic cat that's sitting on the cabinet in the foyer, so it's the first thing that can ruin your night when you walk in the house after a hard day's work?

if it wasn't given to you by a dear friend, or by someone who now is dead, please remove it.  not to good will.  it would hurt good will's feelings.  



From: JM
To: Dad

How do hot dogs and hamburgers for lunch sound?

From: Dad
To: JM

Weenies for lunch! What a treat mmmmmmm

Tattoos Are Permanent...

"Tattoos are permanent. When you wake up next to him and his disgusting tattooed arm touches you, you'll wish you listened to me."--anonymous mom

Everyday I Turn On Youtube...

From: Mom
To: Jess

How come I click on you tube, but not working!!

I was real mad, because every day I turn on you tube for one hr to look up the Vietnamese and Thai recipe and the Chinese street food and Indonesian street food and the Chinese song, but since yesterday all in a sudden it didn't work.