so i had this dream last night. i was alone in this office and this woman comes in with her kids. i thought she must've been the boss' wife, though she didn't say so. there was a large porcelain orange cat right where they came in, and one of her kids started freaking out. i said, "it's not real, it's not real." then the mom said the same thing to reassure the kid and he calmed down. but then a real cat in the same orange colour was standing right in front of me. i thought it came in with the family. it had an attack look in its eyes. i was so scared and then it jumped on my head. it was making horrible sounds, like it was about to maim me, and the woman just walked around the office non-chalantly while her cat was planning on killing me. so i started screaming at her, "GET THIS FUCKING CAT OFF MY HEAD!"
afterwards, still in the dream, i was talking to other people about the incident, saying things like, "it was okay that i was angry, right? she should've taken the cat off my head right away, right?"
so hunny, what do you think?