From: Mom
To: Wendy

Remember, if you want to avoid having the surgery I just had, do your kegels. And don't lift a lot of heavy stuff.

xoxo Mom

Mitch McConnell: A Mother's Hatred

To: Me
From: Mom

i just wanted to say something.  we were talking about mitch mcconnell, the republican from kentucky who is the senate minority leader, and who has said the republicans' goal is to defeat obama.  that's what he said; that is the goal.  not a focus on less war or more  jobs, or anything specific that would help the american people, but simply to defeat obama.
i get sick when i look at mitch mcconnell.  i just know he has bad breath. 

Emails From My (Vietnamese) Mother

This is an email my Vietnamese mother sent me---she resides in Vietnam most of the year.-- (@SammiRutschman)

To: Sammi
From: Mom

Dear all my beautiful lady.

I am better, the pain in all of my one leg is extreme but if I take pain pill I am ok.
We have a good help now on working at the house and keep the tree and plant great.
The person is 19 year old. When he about 5 year old he have an accident and lost all he man hook [manhood] he dont have the male thing and he at like girl.
But super clean and good cook and work great. and he a mountain man only a few of them they call them Cham. 
It about midnight here I take the medicine that help my nerves so I not sleep much. and very tired.
I do love all of you and hardly waiting to see you.