Emails From My (Vietnamese) Mother

This is an email my Vietnamese mother sent me---she resides in Vietnam most of the year.-- (@SammiRutschman)

To: Sammi
From: Mom

Dear all my beautiful lady.

I am better, the pain in all of my one leg is extreme but if I take pain pill I am ok.
We have a good help now on working at the house and keep the tree and plant great.
The person is 19 year old. When he about 5 year old he have an accident and lost all he man hook [manhood] he dont have the male thing and he at like girl.
But super clean and good cook and work great. and he a mountain man only a few of them they call them Cham. 
It about midnight here I take the medicine that help my nerves so I not sleep much. and very tired.
I do love all of you and hardly waiting to see you.