the government and golden labs

From Melissa's mother.


I haven't gotten any W2's yet. If they were non profit maybe they didn't take out taxes. We did get tax forms for MA for you. So are you going to do you own taxes this year??
I hope you are NOT planning on E filing your return. I would not give anything that personal to the IRS online. I just do not trust it!

You know after reading this book you got me for Xmas I am getting pretty scared at eating any of the industrial meats or food that is process at the large plants or corporations. The problem is even Whole Foods has actually sold out to these large industrial farmers because it is cheaper and they can have just about anything in the stores anytime of year. The small organic farms are only very few and not easy to get food from them. I think maybe eating the cleaner way( no hormones, vitamins) it might stop any cancer cells starting in the body. Just have to convince your Dad of that. Though it is much more expensive it may be worth it. In CA you might be able to find that small organic farmer that has control of his farm. Many are controlled by the government rule

Love ya,

By the way I went to the shelter for dog walker orientation and the dogs are soo cute. They have a color code system for which dogs you are allowed to walk first and you work your way up to the color codes by getting a hour long training each time you move up the code. Didn't realize it was such a organized system.
Here is a link for Mojo that we all got to pet and interact with: