From: Mom
To: Sage

apparently the u.s. post office thinks today is "sage day."
i now see in the mail you also got a holiday photo-card (addressed to sage AND FAMILY, so i opened it) from mike and family.
let me describe it to you. for starters, the four of them are posing on steps. they are all wearing identical red and green plaid pajamas.
mike has long hair and, except for the pajamas, looks a lot like jesus. ann hasn't changed. james is very handsome with sheeny-shiny blond hair and perfect little teeth. mary has the cutest chubby face and red fuzzy hair.
the inscription on the card says, "merry christmas and happy new year with love, michael, ann, james, and mary." mike attached a little bright green post-it that says, "happy mlk day, too", which makes me wonder if he thought he was sending this out to a black friend, instead of a jewish one.
he also enclosed a family update. i will save that for your next visit home (your real home). but it was neat, that team he organized in his office to reduce commuter traffic. AND he now rides a motorcycle.
so...see you around campus (which doesn't make sense).