To make a long story short, our shower drains out very slowly, and it doesn't drain out anything other than water. So when all of the water has gone down, it's disgusting. My cousins came to visit, and my parents were away on vacation. My mom called me before I took a shower, nagging me to clean it.


From: Me

Subject: embarrassment, bathtub

To: Mom


just so you're not worrying- i took a shower and waited until it drained out to clean it. so you don't need to worry about ethan and danitza thinking we live like animals.

From: Mom
Subject: Re: embarrassment, bathtub
To: Me

thank you for that. i was very frightened by your subject line that this was going to be a "danitza and ethan left immediately after seeing our bathtub" email. or "danitza politely asked me if i would mind if she bleached the bathtub before she used it."

love you.