Where did you go? (IM convo)

I really love this little IM convo--thanks to Nick for the submission.


me: hey mommo

mom: what's up?

I just got back from a DMV trip...had to renew my license but they don't give it to you there anymore, they take your picture, do the vision test and then mail it to you...identity theft precaution

you must have gotten a phone call.

maybe the door bell rang.

maybe you got bored with the dmv story...plausible but unlikely given that it was full of facinating information.


maybe you are hungry and eating something.

or maybe like Gerald Ford, you might have been devoured by cannabilistic pygmies roaming Brooklyn....yes...that's probably what happened...rats.

well, I am going out to plant a bunch of perrinials that I bought and I wanted to get them in the ground before it rains..

okay...I'm really signing off...really.....