BEST OF: Before It Finally Petered Out To...

From: Me
Subject: David Sedaris quote
To: Mom

"It often seems that my brother and I were raised in two completely different households. He's eleven years younger than I am, and by the time he reached high school, the rest of us had all left home. When I was young, we weren't allowed to say "shut up," but by the time Paul reached his teens, it had become acceptable to shout, "Shut your motherfucking mouth." The drug laws had changed as well. "No smoking pot" became "No smoking pot in the house," before it finally petered out to "Please don't smoke any pot in the living room."-Me Talk Pretty One Day

From: Mom
Re: David Sedaris quote
To: Me

yeah, well, i still mean it: NO SMOKING - ANYTHING - IN MY CAR. every time i drive my car, everything i'm wearing gets smoked. and i want my clicker back, please.