BEST OF EFMM: My Dad & Craigslist

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I'm trying to sublet my apartment and my Dad, since it is his BLING, is really pushing it. But I never have luck on Craigslist, especially when trying to sublet an apartment. It's always people who speak in broken english. One guy asked me if his family of 5 could fit in the room. My dad is so persistant with trying to sublet, he's like "what's wrong with that!? Show it tomorrow!"

From: Me
To: Dad
SEE dad, these are the type of people that respond to ads in Allston!
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From: yichin
To: Me
Subject: $700 / 1br - 1br UTILITIES INCLUDED! SUBLET ASAP (Allston)

daer there,

I'm interested in your room, can i ask the gender of the two other roommates? and which floor is it? I'm also in hury.

Pls reply me asap.

To: Me
From: Dad

What’s wrong with those questions? I suggest you answer asap and I can be there when you show the apt.