RE: Cat Bag

From: Mom
To: Me
RE: cat bag
so now people think i'm this demented woman who sends her daughter dead leaves in a cat bag. jolie, did you not make a REQUEST for autumn leaves, since you don't have autumn in boring, barren, concrete l.a.? so dad and i walk around newton last sunday, keeping our heads down, peeling only the most special, prettiest leaves off the moist pavement. when we get back home, i spread the leaves all across our dining room table so they can dry overnight (forcing us to eat our meals on the crappy kitchen table). the next morning, i purchase this cute little trick-or-treat cat-face bag and and fill it with the leaves. i send it off to you promptly. no, wait. i send it off to you promptly PRIORITY MAIL. i'm all excited, just knowing this will absolutely cheer up little miss "how are you? not good".
why don't i ever follow my first instinct: scratch the leaf thing; go to the 25% off all corduroy sale at j. jill.