Tiny White Bowl That Sat Next to Tiny And Serious Chinese Man is Missing

From: Mom
To: Me

you asked me to describe the tiny white bowl that i've been looking for, for about a week now.  i can't think of any new way to describe it.  i'm thinking if you find a tiny white bowl, you won't be asking yourself if this is the one i'm referring to.   it's about the diameter of a quarter.
i always kept it on the shelf in the bathroom, on top of the little rock where that tiny and serious chinese man is sitting with folded legs.  don't mock me.  i think the tiny and serious chinese man was originally an ornament for a bonsai plant we couldn't keep alive.  i have no idea where the tiny white bowl came from, but it just looked right, sitting beside the tiny and serious chinese man. 
so please let me know if you find it.