Keep the Faith, Baby

This is mostly just really sweet.  Especially my Dad's response! 

From: Mom
To: The Family

i know you all think i'm psycho about this kind of stuff, but this site is honest and real, and it helps people and non-people in need.  (if you all weren't so jaded, you'd know it's true.)

go to the place where you "click", not to the "store." every day there is a heartwarming story.  check out today's story about elijah the cat.  fabulous.

the tabs to click are on top of the page, providing among other things free mammos and nutrition to children and animals in need; you can even save part of the rain forest.  how about checking it out today, even if just today.

it's like, if you can sit in your kitchen wearing just a bathrobe and from right where you are, in about a minute, you can help sustain life in your universe, why not?

i'm well aware that non-believers like sage are sure this is a scam.  if it is, all i can say is i've been clicking for a number of years now, and other than my car being towed in somerville the other day, i have not been scammed.


From: Dad

I did it and it wasn't painful.  In fact, I feel good.
And here's my first 2011 toast to mom - the world would be a better place with more good souls like you.  Keep the faith baby