Why We Never Helped You

To: Mom, Dad
From: JJ


THAT'S the reason we never helped you, Mom! We weren't "trained" to help you. We never did the dishes, swept or mopped the floor, cleaned, made our beds, etc. But, we did mow the lawn, and we did wash and clean the car(s) and we always helped dad shred paper at work, and did the groceries whenever he asked.

You probably should have bought this one instead:

At least I know for the future...

To: JJ
From: Dad

I'm not sure you guys would understand either of these books. They have words in them about helping. jk :-)

To: JJ
From: Mom

we DID have both books but i don't know what happened to "we help mommy" (hmmmm). i love those books, the way the kids are treated like slaves.