A Little Update From Mom

To: Eli
From: Mom

Hi! It is always so fun to hear from you. Dad and I went to the Blue Cow for breakfast and then to Waterton Canyon for a long hike. We saw a bald eagle and a ton of pronghorn sheep. It is beautiful today...61 degrees in town and we saw 85 bikes just on Deer Creek.

Tonight the Hiester's are coming for dinner. Patrick turns 55 next Thursday. We were going to celebrate with 5 tapas plates but that got a little complicated but we are going to make an entirely Spanish dinner. Aren't we fancy?

I have to go to Vegas next week and you know how I feel about that. I'll be at the Rio which brings me about as close and faraway as I can be from you. You'll be rolling in mud and I'll be among high rollers. I would rather be with you.

You'll be amused to know that we haven't touched anything of yours since you left. Whatever you left on the couch and table downstairs are still there. We opened the door to your room so it gets the heat but haven't been inside. Your coats and scarves are still in the hallway. It's not a sentimental thing as much as it is that we've not gotten around to it and there's really not much point.

I love you,