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From: Jane, Mom
To: Barbara Price ; Laura Ann
Sent: Monday, January 23, 2006 10:28 PM
Subject: got to go

hi guys and thanks for the pictures barb. i fooled around with effects on the
one of laura and ainsley, with a little help from cody who just finished a
photography class. it was fun. unfortunately i unwittingly saved the changes
so the girls look rather blue--literally.

as far as lauren's chapped lower lip, we have pictures of laura and cody
visiting baby josh in the hospital, one of proud sissy holding josh, and there
is a huge ring of chap around laura's lips. all it takes is a day or two of
Vaseline to clear it up, but since i wasn't home, no one thought to do it. josh
recently had chapped lips and it was driving him batty.

anywayz dears, i envy that you both have husbands who are more computer literate
and able to help you. someday we'll get it together over here and then i'll get
some pics out to you. i got a cute one of cody's girlfriend, meaghen,
yesterday. she's really pretty.

goodnight dears. oh one more thing, i came home from work today and found the
hamster cage smashed to the floor, the cage door open and the hamster gone. i
was aggrieved, thinking of how terrified he must have been, hoping he didn't
suffer long, wondering where the bones were. i swept up, feeling sad, wondering
how i would break the news to josh. i noticed it was only 59 degrees in here,
so i turned the heat up, and was about to head out to the gym when i noticed a
noise coming from the heat vent that was a little more persistent than it can
sometimes sound when we first turn on the heat.

at first i ignored it, but when it persisted, i put mrs kitty in the bathroom,
and with hope in my heart, moved the piano forward and guess who was back there?
my beloved little bear. he wouldn't come to me at first, then i got the raisins
and was able to tempt him into my hands. poor little dickens, he didn't want to
go in his cage, the little bit of bedding that was left must have smelled like
cat, so i had to wash down the cage, and put in new bedding etc. he is now up
in laura's room with the door shut and i am nervous for him.

the scary thing is, when i thought about it, i realized that the cat had come
out from behind the piano, there is a strip of heating duct back there, and mrs
kitty was right on top, waiting i suppose for that tasty morsel to venture
forth. so it's either little bear or mrs kitty, one of them has got to go.

xoxo, janie