Centipede Leaves a Note

To: Mom

fyi the pillow on the floor in the livingroom probably has a dead centipede under it. i saw ANOTHER one and it was the only thing in reach. afraid to move it in case centipede is still alive. ewww ewww ewww

From: Mom

dad lifted the pillow.  no centipede was there.  but he left a note.  said he is hurt that you have not made him feel welcome in your home.  and that it was his home first.  and that he's hoping you can become friends in the future.  he suggested maybe you could get together for a drink in cambridge.  he also said that it is not easy to have been born with a hundred legs.  that he tries to accept it but the jokes still sting.  he said he's disappointed that you, of all people, aren't more accepting.