This was kind of funny in a furiously manic way.  My mom cosigned one of my student loans, and then opened a piece of my mail with a balance statement.  I borrowed $40,000 total with interest.  I have about 20 years to pay it off. I am still puzzled as to what I allegedly lied to her about.  At nearly retirement age, you'd think she would understand how lending works more than this. (*For the record, Emerson was not worth it).



From: Susie's Mom
To: Susie

Susanna, how am I going to keep my home?

You owe 40,000.00 next year.  If you don't pay it, they will take away my house.

I have put my house on the line for you and you lied to me.  
You have put us both in great jeopardy. 
I hope Emerson College was worth it.