Emails forwarded from your mother

From: PETER.

I recently got a call at my job from a customer who was from the same town as my grandparents. Through small talk, I found out that this customer actually knew my grandparents and goes to church with them every Sunday. Adorable. My mom thought this was too much of a coincidence, so she emailed my grandmother to tell her the funny news. My grandma's 80 year old brain somehow interpreted this information to mean that I somehow called this gentlemen asking if he would hire me. She got very excited thinking I was planning on using my Emerson Degree to pursue a job in Appleton, Wisconsin. This was my grandma's dissapointed response email to my mom when she found out that no, I was not planning on moving to Appleton.

From: Grandma
Sent: Sunday, May 31, 2009 6:12 AM
To: Mom
Subject: Re: Your Daughter Here


To bad, we had Peter for one month in the guest room driving the Cadillac to work and paying the money down on his relatively nice

apartment.  Paying first month.  We are so good. The benefits are so good here. Have him try R.R. Donnelley. Conkey's provides books to Lawrence, the tech school.


We love you.


Take Care.