From: Mom
Sent: Tue 3/31/2009 2:47 PM
To: Alyssa
Subject: Picture

Hi Sweetheart,

Im writing this to let u know that i just received a picture of you and
Arian that Courtney took this weekend at your apartment.

You look ABSOLUTELY GEORGOUS!!!! You Have TRUE BEAUTY!!! Grandmom said you
are a real beauty...your face looks so good and your eyebrows are perfect...she
wanted to know if you get them waxed or plucked or do them yourself...and
your smile is so beautiful with your perfect white teeth!!!

Did u see the picture? I want to have a real pic made so I have it to
display and show off! lol!

Glad u 2 had a nice visit...I loved your hugging pose...and hope u are doing
well with your school work and your will always be my little
girl and I love you sooo much!!!

From the looks of the pic u are doing great and im really proud of you!!!

Do u have any plans for Easter? Let me know what ur doing..ok?