My "Alcohol With Pasta" Dream...

i need to tell you about my dream last night. 
it was a hospital setting, and this young female doctor told me she had to tend to something, and that i needed to sterilize all the tools.  i wasn't sure i could do it because sterilizing everything was an involved process and she had gone over it very quickly.  she very sweetly reassured me that she KNEW i could do it, and then she left. dad thought she was being condescending, but i knew she had faith in me. 

so i nervously started looking through those little white metal drawers and cabinets, and found some cloths and a bottle of antiseptic alcohol.  i wasn't sure if this is what i was supposed to use, but thought, "oh, what are the chances of a patient getting an infection."  then i realized the chances were quite high.   nevertheless, i slowly poured some alcohol onto a cloth.

curly pasta started coming out of the bottle.  i thought, "this can't be the correct alcohol" and i looked at the label and it said, "ALCOHOL WITH PASTA."  i frantically started searching for a pasta-free bottle of alcohol, when someone came in and told me i had to stop what i was doing and go back to my department.  i was very relieved to not have to deal with this.  

(feel free to interpret...)