Happy Birthday, Iggy Pop

Mom: here's a good one; yesterday I was sitting at a light on Lee Hwy and an older man rolled down his window and asked if I could give him directions to get to North Carolina
I guess he thinks its a short drive

haha, you just stay on route 29, it goes all the way down to jacksonville florida

Mom: he's probably still driving saying; how long did that lady say we had to go until we got there?
the twins were 61 yesterday, i can't believe it

wowie, iggy pop is 63 today
hard to believe iggy pop is older than them!

yeah i know I sent him a card, it said hope you have an "iggy" birthday

Nick: thats awesome, custom made?

Mom: get it "icky" and iggy sound simiilar
no I found it at hallmark store in the iggy pop birthday card section

Nick: haaaaaaaa stop

Mom: okay...but I'm on a roll